The Center for Health Impact was founded with the mission to create health equity through partnership and innovation—by enhancing access to quality healthcare, eliminating health disparities, and promoting workforce development.

We offer services and customized consultation throughout MA, New England and the U.S. We are a leading provider of medical interpreter and translation services and of training courses for Community Health Workers, Medical Interpreters, and other health professionals and students.

The Center for Health Impact, formerly known as Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center, Inc., is a Woman Non-Profit Organization (W/NPO) 501(c)3 certified by the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office.

Our Services

Interpreter Services

We provide clients with well-trained and experienced medical interpreters to facilitate effective communication in clinical and conference settings.

Translation Services

Our skilled team of specialists ensure cultural and contextual accuracy and relevance when translating medical documentation for our clients.

Community Health Worker Training

Our acclaimed training courses prepare CHWs to apply their unique understanding of populations to work in clinical and community settings.

Customized Consultation

We offer project management, capacity-building, community-based research, curriculum writing, program development and facilitation services.